There is a big difference between Bitcoin and the Blockchain. Blockchain is a concept and Bitcoin is a protocol that follows the concept of Blockchain in this article we will see 5 pillars on which Blockchain stands. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most famous protocols among the others.

Blockchain Technology

[Blockchain] is the biggest opportunity set we can think of over the next decade or so.

1. Hash Cryptography

“Hash” is the common term we hear in the field of Blockchain, But what the Hash exactly is? Well, it is the base of the Blockchain. The Hash is the fingerprint of the digital document inside…

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.

The world is surrounded by computers and technologies are going so fast that we can’t even imagine. There was a time when personal computers were the biggest deal for tech companies. After personal computers, there was a problem for a large amount of computation, after dealing with the hardware there was trouble finding an efficient Operating System that could utilize the hardware and give the great software experience.

Today we have the fastest supercomputer Fugaku which has nearly 7.3 million cores and a speed of 415.5 petaFLOPS. That…

Everyone should learn to code Because it teaches how to think ~Steve Jobs

In 2020 there are more than 700 programming languages out there and so many people have the confusion regarding which language to learn. Despite numerous programming languages, 90% of the tech world is using less than 10 programming languages where there are 5 languages the Programmer or Developer must learn which are Python, Javascript, Java, C#, and Swift. So let’s begin with one of the most trending and most liked programming languages among the developers which is you may have guessed It right PYTHON.


Wake up early and tackle the day before it tackles you. Be on offense, not defense.— Evan Carmichael

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

Why successful people always say that conquer the morning first to conquer the world well in order to prove that you have to experience it by yourself.

Robin Sharma said in his book “The 5 Am Club” that On a gorgeous morning in Mauritius, the entrepreneur, the artist, and the billionaire gathered by the sea. A school of squirrelfish could be seen swimming through the clear waters. In this lovely setting, the billionaire conveyed the four focuses of the great history makers…


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